Tantra Online Course & Certification

img_0137Tibetan Tantra Practitioner Certification:

Tantra is quickly becoming trendy.  This is a good and bad thing.  Tantra techniques that were secret are now readily available and people are misusing them often to the point of injury.  What Tantra calls Walking the Razor’s Edge is now just called edging, but without the breathing and understanding of Tantra it is just a trick.  Tantra is not only about sex, but about sexual energy which is the strongest energy in our bodies.  It is the ability to control and enhance sexual pleasure, but to also improve health and overall well-being through the Elemental Meditations.

This is an education and certification program. The material can be used for personal development or professional advancement. What it does do that few other course offer, is a full integrated Tantra program that benefits health, both physical and mental, promotes better communication in and out of the bedroom and gives you practical methods to balance your life and be more present.

I teach authentic and sacred Tantra techniques.  However, unlike similar programs I teach in a holistic and intergrated manner.  When you thech tantra you fully understadn why the techniques work and how they work.  Tibetan Tantra Practitioner Certification gives you the opportunity for a profession where you can earn up to 100,000 a year.  The Certification offers a holistic approach to Tibetan Tantra and Tantra Wellness for those who wish to work in the wellness industry.  As a Tibetan Tantra Practitioner you can work in the following areas:



-couples weekends,

-meditation teacher or coach,

– ecstatic dance, or Tantra products,

-designing and setting up Tantra temples.

-jade ball and yoni egg education and training

-designing and selling Tantra products, candles, oils, eggs, paintings, t-shirts.

The Certification prepares you with the knowledge and business know how to be successful and live a life of abundance


What sets me apart from other teachers in certification is that I have been successful in many business ventures and I am not just giving you Tantra knowledge, but I am helping you find a way to use it as a stepping stone for a joyful, rewarding career that makes you  an independent person.

Online Tantra Certification allows you to begin a  career as a Tantra professional from massage, to wellness and fitness coaching, couples coaching, Tantra candle making, Tantra oils and body products, to retreats and workshops, to teaching Tantra dance and meditation, to helping people set up Tantra temples in their homes.

This online course offers a complete and comprehensive background in Tantra to prepare for a path of your own making.  I also provide ongoing support, marketing support, brainstorming, help with social media and a place to come to for help from myself and staff.   I want each of my students to be successful and find a path that is soulful and rewarding on all levels.

Personal Development:

What sets me apart for personal development is that I was a licensed counselor for 12 years and I am committed to personal growth and happiness. I offer you daily contact and support through the program and I am invested in helping you have a more rewarding sex life and overall better health and well-being and spiritual growth.

Please contact me at jill@breathofbliss.com/208-705-8854.