Jill-Tibeatan Tantra Teacher

17457943_10155292752374171_17640521742312857_nEducation and Stuff about me.  I might not be the best self promoter or of the youngest or sexiest Tantra teacher out there.  And I do not sell myself on my sex appeal, because seriously I am 61.  I have a lot to  offer, but being young and sexy isn’t one of those things.  But I am probably one of the smartest and best educated and most well read Tantra Teachers.

Education: A lot.  You can read it if you want.  I.Q. 150

1986 BA History & minor in Business & Marketing, Idaho State University
1990 Teaching Certification and English Endorsement of 40 credits.
Boise State University
1997 MFA in creative writing and literature Bennington College
2006 MS candidate educational psychology at Capella University. Have 72 credits of upper division psychology classes. Course work in Lifespan Development, Test and Measurement, Biological Basis of Behavior, Principles of Psychopathology and Ethics and Multicultural Issues, Counseling Theories. Graduation June 2007
2007-Certified as a Wellness/Life coach. Understand principles of treating the whole person and to effectively coach others on good health habits and ways to improve life and health skills. 2008 Certified as a Relationship coach with John Grey’s Venus and Mars program. 2010 Certified in Kundalini yoga.  2014 Certified in Tantra.

2 years of PhD work in Health Psychology

Awards, Fellowships, Grants: a few

Acted as editor for graduation chapbook 1997, Bennington
Chapbook Poem Story Poem was selected for publication 1998, Bennington
Held the position of Class Agent for Bennington College fro 8 years
Review of Atlantic magazine published by Pif cited as best of the Web by Yahoo 1999

Work: Some

I worked 15 years as a business owner and teacher

After a divorce I worked as a counselor.  I specialized in treating depression, PTSD, and anxiety.  Guess what drugs and talking do not work.

The last 4 years I have been doing Tantra bodywork professionally and I have enjoyed it very much.  I have had really good experiences, I have met really good people, and I have learned a lot.

A few things I learned:

1-Men worry about their penis size more than I realized.  They shouldn’t.

2-Men do want to connect deeply with their partner.

3-Men are just as confused as women are about relationships communicating about sex and wanting intimacy.

4-Men and Woman are more alike than different. We want the same things, intimacy, connection, peace of mind, good health.

5-Sexless marriages are bad for both partners. There can not be true intimacy, true love without sex, good sex.

Things I bimages90GRIYH5elieve in with all of my heart.

Good Sex.

Good Wine

Good Dogs

Good Men sex5

Good Food

Good Friends

And a power greater than myself.

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