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What a First Tantra Session should teach.

Not every Tantra Session is going to be the Same.  Not every Tantra Teacher is going to be the same.  I am not going to be the same every time.  The break down of this session is what I would call an ideal session where I am at 100% and the client is at 100% and they are there to learn and receive. 

What to Learn from your first Tantra Session?

Tantra should be seen as a practice to bring deep pleasure to the body and to integrate the body to a higher degree. Tantra doesn’t see a separation of body and spirit. The body is us. And the goal is the feel the unity of the body and not feel separate from it. Our mind our thoughts should not feel separate from our bodies or worse in conflict. The needs of the body are also the needs of the mind.

Tibetan Tantra is a yoga practice that is based on Tibetan Buddhism, but is non-religious. Buddhism believes all human conflict comes from anger and attachment. It is very simple. Anger arises when our needs are not being met or we experience another painful emotion and we translate it into anger. We get hurt and we are angry at the person the hurts us. Anger is a root cause of our dissatisfaction and a chief emotion when were are not in harmony with ourselves. Attachment is striving for an outcome or expecting an outcome and focusing on it to the determent of enjoying the present. It is impossible to be present and mindful if you are focused or attached to an outcome. An example is the focus people put on finding the one who will make them happy rather than being the one that is happy.

Tantra believes we create our own soulmate when we deeply connect with our partner. Through the practice of Tantra we become soulmates with our chosen partner and conflicts are resolved more easily and we feel loved and connected to our partner.

In a session you should learn about the central practices of Tantra:

1-Breath work as a way to manage energy, feelings and to gain more control over feelings of pleasure

2-Mediation/ the elemental Chakra system this is used to activate the Kundalini energy and to achieve enlightenment

3-Tantric communication and Tantric touch

4-Movement & Sound