Pleasure is a funny thing. I have many people that I see who have a real fear of pleasure. Because of how they were raised or attitudes they have developed over the years, there is an idea that if you feel too much pleasure you will lose control and do things that you aren’t supposed to or shouldn’t do. In fact, that is not pleasure, but excitement and actually overexcitement. And that excitement is generally felt just in the lingam or fire chakra area. This can only bring limited pleasure. That over-excitement, with stress on sex being dirty or naughty leads to not being able to relax and enjoy the intense pleasure of sex.

That excitement comes from not being able to control sexual energy, and not having control over the emotions that sexual energy. Generates. It is seeing sex as an outside force and not being fully connected with the sexual energy of the body. Pleasure isn’t a dirty word. It isn’t something to fear. Pleasure is what our bodies our designed for. Feeling aroused should not be motivated by the idea of that sex is naughty or bad. Sex isn’t naughty, it isn’t bad, it is a way to feel loved, connected and to experience pleasure even bliss. Sex is good, Pleasure is good.

The Soul Connection Workbook presents Tibetan Tantra techniques that teach the following:

1-how to be completely present during intimacy

2-how to experience increased levels of pleasure

3-how to connect to your partner on a soul level

4-how to achieve full body orgasms.

This workbook is designed to for couples who want to integrate Tantra techniques into their lives, without a complete course in Tantra. I want to stress this course is designed to bring Tantra techniques into your lovemaking to increase pleasure, but is not a complete course on Tantra and the other benefits it offers.

The course can be ordered in the store

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