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Tantra and Inclusion From Steffo Shambo

From Steffo Shambo and Tantric Academy


The beauty of Tantra is that it’s a spiritual path that actually includes everything in life.

The opposite of most of the spiritual paths known.

Tantra is to say YES to life. To embrace everything that it has to offer.

Taking everyday life and transmuting it into something sacred.

That also goes for the way you breath, walk, eat, sleep and think.

AND sex.

Tantra includes sex.

It is about 5% of Tantra, and today a whole lot is focused around that 5%, called tantric sexuality, sacred sexuality, or conscious sexuality.

Tantric sexuality does NOT exclude any sexual position.

To think that Tantra is just about eye gazing, 2 minutes hugs, drinking kombucha and making love in missionary.

Is wrong.

Tantra includes ALL sexual positions.

Tantra includes all spectrum of sex.

From the subtlest and gentle energy sex on the heart chakra.

To the most gross fucking the shit out of your brain sex.

To say that one of the two is wrong or not accepted… is not Tantra.

Tantra uses all that energy created and cultivated to transmute it into spiritual energy.

That is what it’s about.

Turning an ordinary mediocre life situation into a sacred spiritual experience.

By practice, intent, focus and love.

That is the secret of inner alchemy.

A tantrika can fuck someone hard with ravishment, love and consent.

And the receiving end can enjoy that as much as the giving end.

Together blown away in bliss and union with the universe.

Purpose of Tantra

Purpose of Tantra. A heart-true man’s priority is not to give and receive physical pleasure or emotional comfort, but to dissolve with his lover in the ecstasy of unbounded love. He wants her body and heart to open so wide that he is drawn into her love, and through her love, into an openness of love without bounds. He wants to let go of his sense of separation and meld with his woman, opening with her as one radiant heart of bliss. In this vulnerable, unprotected embrace, he wants to consciously ravish his woman with so much love that she has no choice – that they have no choice – but to surrender open as infinite love. – David Deida

Why Seek out Tantra

Tantra is a philosophy. It is a way of experiencing the world.

I teach Tibetan Tantra. It is based on Buddhist beliefs and can be traced back at least 5,000 years.  It is traditionally a linage based knowledge system and I began my study in a linage based tradition.

I certified later with a different group not from any failure on my part or my teacher’s part.  There was just a difference in our approach to Tantra.

I am not a self-promoter or a person that enjoys groups. I like working with people one on one.  However, there are plenty of people out there teaching without my experience or knowledge. My knowledge of tantra and healing are something that you won’t find with many other teachers.

I view Tantra as a holistic approach to life, health, and sexuality.  I have been practicing Tantra for 14 years, 4 years professionally.  Before I began my professional Tantra practice I was a traditional counselor for 12 years with a MS degree in Psychology and 2 years of PhD work in Health Psychology.  Before that I had 15 years of experience in teaching with an MFA in Literature and creative writing from Bennington College.

Tantra has taught me how to manage my emotions by bringing equanimity to my daily life.  Tantra has showed me how to manage my sexual energy to be more present and to have full body orgasms.  Tantra has also showed how to connect with universal energy to enhance healing in my body and to strengthen my body.

By being present and allowing healing to take place I am able to mange the long term depression that I began to experience in my early 40’s.   I am more self aware, and I don’t experience negative thinking or beliefs so it is easier not to slip into damaging self talk.