The Secret behind Tantra-Bliss Breath

Tantra people make their living by selling their secrets or talking about sexuality in a way the cuts through shame or by offering services that many view as sexual.

The truth is Tantra does hold some secrets that can greatly enhance a person’s bliss and quality of life. I have to be honest most of our lives aren’t spent in bed making sweet love. It makes sense Tantra enhances other aspects of your life. It has mine. I have enjoyed excellent health since my practice of tantra, unusually good health for someone my age.

I believe this can all be traced to one thing—breathing correctly. Yes, that is the terrible secret of Tantra, the breath. Or as one client said, “this is a game changer.” I laughed and said I know, it is.

It goes by different names. Bliss Breath is one. I am a bit more basic. I try to stay jargon free. I am not trying to be anyone’s guru, I am not trying to gain followers. I simply want to share the life enhancing practice of tantra.

I call our main breath simply deep conscious breathing. I follow more Buddhist principles on the importance of breath in keeping us present and in our bodies and out of our heads. The most important principle of Tantra is to be totally present with your pleasure. Only when you can be totally present in your body and pleasure can you exchange energy with your partner.

To stay present in Tibetan Tantra we use deep conscious breathing. This type of breathing overrides your brain and brings you into a state of relaxation and calm. We can change our Consciousness by controlling and using our breath and that is one technique Tantra uses to enhance intimacy.

This diagram shows the basic breath we all should be using throughout the day. When I teach this breathing technique I give breath cues. It is surprising how many people struggle with this breath, especially those that work at desk jobs. And while this breath brings health and well-being to the body, short shallow breaths, single to the body you are under stress and your body dumps cortisol,the stress hormone, into your system.

On the tantra side. This type of breathing slows down the experience, awakens nerves, and the skin and therefore increase sensitivity, and intimacy.