Soulmates & how to find yours

If you are in a relationship you might be with your soulmate right now. How can that be? We fight, we have differences, I am not as attracted to them as I used to be. This is the fact about human relationships until you transform them. If we are with a person even for a night, something about that person drew us to them. We connected even in a small way.

Certain people trigger our desires, you wants, and needs.

Sometimes we even marry these people. And sometimes the marriage is happy and we do live happily ever after.

However, what I see in my practice is that we often marry people that trigger our own insecurities and who we aren’t sexually compatible with. And then we think the only solution is a divorce. If there is abuse the only solution is divorce, but otherwise why not learn to transform them into your soulmate.

A soul mate is just a person with whom you connect on a soul level. We all can do this by being open, honest and willing. A soul mate isn’t a person whom we fall in love with at first sight and our deeply infatuated with. Infatuation and love are often incompatible.

What I have found with Tantra, once you change your relationship with yourself to one of self love and peace of mind it is easy to extend compassion and love to our partner. It is however, impossible to have a truly happy marriage without

Sex is an important way to communicate at a soul level.

1-There is the merging of two separate bodies, that symbolizes unity, universal unity.

2-There is the pleasure of orgasm that makes us have good feelings toward our partner. Orgasms when used correctly increases love.

3-Learning Tantric communication skills eliminates conflict. Conflict is reframed as a problem to solve.

If you argue about money, as a couple you sit down develop a budget and stick to it. Conflict is just undefined problems. Problems have solutions. Conflict causes hurt and pain.

4-You look at everything through the lenses of compassion and kindness.

Tantra offers techniques to change a relationship from simply a marriage to a soul connection.