Full Body Orgasm & Divine Bliss

I get a lot of questions about this particular topic. A lot. I wasn’t aware they were so hard to come by. I had them on occasion when I was married, but they left. Then when I divorced and got experimental and tried tantra massage for the first time that sort of woke up my yoni. And I have had full body orgasms since. I didn’t really understand how I was having them, but when I got full tantra I understood the process and how to give them to others. Then I went a step further and began to connect to what I can only say is divine bliss.

Tibetan Tantra has front generated mediations. They are used to bring divine energy into your body.

I have been working with the fire element mediation that is connected to our sexual organs. This energy that can be tapped into gives me orgasms that I can’t even explain. This is from my yoni training, or self pleasuring. However, I can’t even explain the intensity of these orgasms because I barely touch myself and it is like the universe explodes in my body.

During partner sex, I often now see my energetic body and that is like connecting on an entirely different level. It is a fireworks display. It’s like pleasure at an Olympic level.

I read other tantra people and they are talking about how to have an orgasm or use a yoni egg. I am like what the fuck. Are they missing something. That stuff is so basic. Tantra has so much more to offer than information you can find in an old copy of Joy of Sex.

Tantra connects you with divine universal energy that moves through your body sending every atom in motion. You can settle for your basic orgasm, but why would you want to when you can feel like stars are being born in your body?