Authentic Tibetan Tantra Course on Sale

Tibetan Tantra teaches you the following techniques to bring increased presence to

all aspects of your life

1-Breath work to increase health, regulate mood, and achieve full body orgasms

Some people refer to this breath work as Bliss Breath

2- Lingam and Yoni breath to bring energy and control to the sacred portals of bliss

3-How to achieve full body orgasms

4-Complete instructions on the Secret and Sacred Tibetan meditations

These Meditations connect you with divine universal energy to heal your body

or to just increase well-being

5-The Green Tara mediation to connect with the ascended master on a personal level

so she can bestow merit.

6-how to give and receive a tantra massage including the lingam and yoni massage

Last as a bonus 7 days of couples exercises to create a Tantric soulmate relationship