Tantra 101, curing sexual dysfunction

Tantra does cure ED, inability to orgasm, Premature ejaculation, lack of intensity during orgasm, and the inability to connect intimately with someone. Tantra actually can do all of that plus bring you peace of mind and good health.

Having said that and experiencing these changes with clients and myself, why is it taboo? It is the sex thing. If you insist on sexualizing sex rather than normalizing sex you will continue to experience dysfunction. Also your body doesn’t lie to you. Trusting the body is one of the hardest things for someone new to Tantra to learn.

We are conditioned especially men to think through a problem and solve it. But ED isn’t a problem you can think through so people turn to dangerous medicine because it is a quick fix. No sexual dysfunction can be fixed by the mind. However, they can be cured through the body.

The block however is being willing to get out of the mind and move into the heart and feel.

Every Tibetan Tantra mediation begins in the heart and ends in the heart. It has been found by Harvard medical studies that deep inside the heart are a cluster of cells similar to brain cells. So in some primitive way our heart actually does process emotion. I had a boyfriend once and only once. He was a serial cheater. I didn’t care. But one of his complaints was that he couldn’t get erect for one of his dates although he was very sexually attracted to her. Somehow this was my fault. I didn’t understand it either. What I think happened was guilt, knowing this woman wanted a commitment, and a lack of emotional connection. So he took viagra. He never took it with me nor did I ever have unprotected sex with him. I also didn’t look for sex outside of our friendship. With me he had connection and trust and faithfulness. He has none of these with this woman he dated and he couldn’t function with her.

Obviously, this was not a good situation for me and it ended really bad. The point of it is the body doesn’t lie. Many men after a breakup can’t orgasm with a new partner. That is a real thing. An orgasm is a release of not just ejaculate, but energy. It is giving your partner something and sometimes our bodies don’t want to do that. If you don’t feel comfortable with the person it is hard to relax feel pleasure and exchange energy. Literally your heart isn’t in it. And I don’t mean love. I mean pleasure.

Pleasure is a difficult thing for some people to accept and enjoy. They think because they get really excited and ejaculate there has been an orgasm. Not so much. Orgasm and Ejaculation are not the same. Most men with PE problems let excitement take over, not pleasure and experience ejaculation, but not what I would call real orgasmic pleasure. This shows a lack of control but also an inability to drop into the body and accept higher more intense levels of pleasure. It can be fixed through Tantra.

Lack of intensity of orgasms has such an easy fix that it is hard to believe that changing something as simple as your breath can change your consciousness and energy. Yet it does. After the trauma of my divorce. And do not underestimate the trauma of a breakup to your body. I went from being non-orgasmic to having full body orgasms every time I self pleasured for had sex. I had always been orgasmic since 15, but my marriage had gotten so bad I lost the ability to orgasm the last five years of my marriage.

Tantra is about techniques. They work. They only work if you can open your mind and heart to change.