What is Tantra?

 What is Tantra?  What is Tantric Sex?  What is Tantric Massage. 

I want to make sure that those who want to experience Tantra or learn basic techniques get a chance. I am one of the few certified Tantra teachers in Idaho, Montana, and Utah. Until October 1, I will be running a 50% off sale on the first session massage. So it will be $100 for 90 minutes. On October 1 it will go back to $200.

Also my education course is marked down to 489.99 until October 1 and then it will return to $689.99.

Please take advantage of these prices as this will be the last time I offer discounts and the massage prices locks you in to $60 follow up sessions, which will increase to $100 on October 1.

Tantra is energy, sexual energy that is moved in the body through breathing, touch, movements, meditations, and orgasm.  Tantra seeks to normalize sex and the body.

Tantra seeks enlightenment through sex, but also through meditation and other practices.  Enlightenment often accompanies a complete awakening of  Kundalini energy.  With that awakening  comes a sense of presence, bliss, and completeness.  A person no longer feels empty or that they are searching for something.

In a Tantric massage or Tantric sex,  the Kundalini energy is activated.   It is touched upon. And momentarily we get a taste of enlightenment.   That energy, that glimpse of sacred unity is why we look for romantic partners. It is also way many people feel they are missing out on something when they have sex.  It feels like something is wrong.  There is an absence.  That absence is Tantra.

Tantra connects us intimately with our bodies.  We aren’t just feeling sex in our yoni or lingam, but we feel sex throughout our entire being and it awakens our bliss, our creativity, our sense of oneness.

My mission is the belief we all want to have great sex that is infused with intimacy, but we also want to feel whole and happy. Tantra offers both.

If you would like to begin your journey of tantric pleasure please email me at jill@breathofbliss.com for your free e-book The Power of Pleasure in Daily Life.