What is Tantra? The Basics


Tantric Full-Body Orgasms, 

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 Soulmate Relationships through Tantra.

 Tantra is primal sexual energy, the creative male/female energy that is moved in the body through breathing, touch, movements, meditations, and orgasm.  

Tantra seeks to normalize sex and the body.

Tantric Massage  offers both the experience of Tantra and education. 

The practice of Tantra transforms relationships into soulmate relationships. 

Tantra is also a philosophy that seeks enlightenment through orgasmic energy.  Naysayers will say, oh– you are just interested sex, or the functions of the body are low vibrational or some other thing to negate the power of sexual energy.  Procreative energy is the strongest energy in our bodies.  It is the only energy that has the ability to create life, to spark love, and bring us bliss. Sex gets us to do things we would not do otherwise.  Pleasure is a very strong motivator.   And it is good.  It is the energy we need to create a life that is happy, and content. Cultures and religions understand the importance of sex and use it to generate  guilt and laws to control what should be a deeply personal and joyful experience. If your sexual energy is out of balance; your life is out of balance.  Shame around sex brings disharmony to the body.  It creates guilt and forbidden acts.  One reasons porn is so enticing is that it is seem as shameful, out of the ordinary, and it is done in secret.  Also, the reward of an orgasm reinforces the behavior of watching porn.  I have no feelings one way or the other on porn.  However, it can control behaviors and bring about shame if it is given that power.   Tantra teaches us to retain our power and to have control over our sexual energy.

Relationships often suffer because couples fail to communicate in a way that lets the other person know their needs.  Sexual intimacy is important to a relationship and it can create a deep sense of connection that brings us to a soulmate relationship.   Many people fall into a trap of conflict around their body and sex and how and when we should have sex.  Sex isn’t a thing a couple should ever have conflict about.  Nor should we ever feel ashamed or negative about our bodies.  This is ultimately the most destructive behavior in a marriage or partnership.  This is an area where Tantra can help by creating  connections that are energetically intense and burn away conflict.

Tantra brings balance to your body and heals any wounds that life may have inflicted on you. It doesn’t happen with one massage, or a course on some technique that may or may not be authentically Tantra. Tantra works through practice.  It works in your body to bring health and deep connection with ourselves and with our partner.  It is magic, good magic, elemental magic.

Tantra connects us intimately with our bodies through touch and breathing as in the tantric massage.  We aren’t just feeling bliss in our yoni or lingam, but we feel bliss throughout our entire being and it awakens our creativity, our sense of oneness with our partner and with the universe. Many, if not most, Tantra teachers sell themselves through appealing to the lowest form of body energy, and looking a certain way and promote techniques over substance. That is not me.  I view Tantra as a philosophy that enhances our life on every level because every part of our body is designed to procreate and survive.  Tantra uses that deep primal energy of our bodies to bring us into harmony.

My mission is the belief we all want to have great sex that is infused with intimacy, but we also want to feel whole and happy. Tantra offers both.

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